cayo levisa .org - Beaches and Diving Sites in Cayo Levisa at the north of the Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Cayo Levisa Geography

Coordinates:  22°52'46" N 83°31'40" W

Cayo Levisa expands 4,25 km lengthwise, with a maximum width of 750 m and minimum of 280 m;  for what their conformation is narrow and lengthened, with a regular coast to the north and irregular to the south.

Cayo Levisa

Their floor is formed for calcareous and clays and its total surface reaches the figure of 150 hectares, of them, 115 hectares are covered for different swamp species, what represents more than 75%.

The north costs and northeast of the key form a beautiful beach of fine and white sands of 3.2 Km of extension.

Cayo Levisa Climate

In Cayo Levisa the temperature of the water has variations of 1 - 3°C. The annual variation oscillates among 21°C - 33°C with more widths in the low areas.

The environmental half temperature is of 24.5°C. During the period of dry Cayo Levisa is affected by an average of 20 cold fronts by season, with half duration of 4 days.