cayo levisa .org - Beaches and Diving Sites in Cayo Levisa at the north of the Pinar del Rio, Cuba

Cayo Levisa Diving Center Specifications

  • Name: Cayo Levisa
  • Quantity of diving modules for tourists: 10
  • It marks of the modules: MARES and Free Shark
  • Quantity of tanks: 50 of steel and aluminum with capacity of 12 and 15 liters
  • Compressors: 2 Bauer KAP-14
  • Diving points: 23
  • Staff: 3 instructors with Advanced Instructor's Category and 1 Dive With, all of the Federation SSI (Scuba School International).
  • Craft: 1 yacht of 41 feet of length with capacity for 20 plungers and 1 piraña with capacity for 10 plungers.
  • Schedules of diving: 8:30.  11:00. 14:30
  • Diving Courses: Open Water Diver (OWD); Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD). All certificates internationally for the Federation SSI
    1. Open Water Diver (OWD) (it Includes kit OWD, theoretical classes, equipment and 5 immersions in open sea)
    2. Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) (it Includes theoretical classes, equipment and 4 immersions open sea)
  • The first aids:  Qualified medical staff and resuscitation equipment that includes oxygen on board and in land.
  • Hyperbaric Chamber:  Naval hospital, in Havana City, helicopter transfer in 35 min.
Cayo Levisa Diver CaveCayo Levisa Diver CaveCayo Levisa Divers Morena

Diving Services

  • Included: Tanks, leads, craft and plunger - it guides.
  • Not Included: I brought of diving, chewed or mask, fins, regulator, Team for night diving (All available one for the rent locally)
  • Sure: Yes
  • Coralline Barriers dive: Yes
  • Walls dive: Yes
  • Sunken Ships dive: Yes
  • Caves dive: No
  • Nocturne dive: Yes
  • Service Nitrox: No
  • Rent of Teams: Yes
  • Classroom: Yes
  • Courses of Diving of all the levels: Yes
  • Courses for Instructors of all the levels: Yes
  • Specialized courses: Yes
  • Service of having revealed for Picture / Movies: No
  • Service for System IN / DIN: Yes
  • Tank of training (Pool): Yes
  • Spread Specialized: No
  • Medical Service: Yes