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Cayo Levisa

Cayo Levisa (Cayo Levisa)

Cayo Levisa is an island formed by the blooming of the coralline barrier that has a total surface of 4 Km2, located approximately to 2 Km of the coast of the island of Cuba in the most oriental area in the Colorado Archipelago, Cuba northwestern region. It belongs to the municipality La Palma in the Pinar del Río province.

Cayo Levisa MangleCayo Levisa BeachCoral Reef in Cayo Levisa

For their natural securities this area has been incorporate to the Areas Protected National System of Cuba like a Protected Area of Local Significance with the category of Protected Natural Landscape.

The access to Cayo Levisa is carried out for the marine road from the Palma Rubia pier, it is a pleasant voyage that lasts around 30 minutes to the pier of the Key.

To the visitors part, the personnel of the Hotel Cayo Levisa and those of the Cayo levisa International Diving Center the Key is an uninhabited place that still preserve its wild environment in an almost virgin state.

The natural conditions of Cayo Levisa can be considered exceptional for the quality of its beach and the variety landscape of the marine funds that surround it besides the important attribute that represents the privacy that offers to the visitor for who it has a pleasant lodging in the Hotel Cayo Levisa.

In the waters that skirt to Cayo Levisa the three more important marine ecosystems of the tropics they are represented (coralline reefs, swamps and seibadales or pastizales), this stimulate the development in them of the diving echo - contemplative facilitated by the Cayo levisa International Diving Center.